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Welcome to Michigan Plastic Surgery

The term plastic is derivative of a Greek word, plastikos, which signify to shape or give structure. In short, slight play in words had led to plastic surgery. Physical perfection is one aspect wherein people have been searching right from immemorial time. Change in physical appearance not just increasesself-confidence; it additionally makes the person to have positive thinking as well as lead to a outgoing individual. We need be aware of the restorative surgery does boost your confidence and won’t change your life. Therefore one ought to have reasonable expectationsfrom such cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery is of two types one is the cosmetic surgery and this includes enhancing appearance or overall look, while reconstructive surgery includes altering or fixing any deformities.

Learn about Breast Procedures

Breast plastic surgery methods incorporate breast lift, breast reduction, augmentation of busts, reconstruction of nipple areola etc. to change the bust and make them look youthful and alluring that best suits your body.

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Learn About face Procedures

To accent certain areas of the face and refresh them facial procedures are incorporated. We offer a wide range of non-invasive and invasive facial plastic surgery methods and this includes rhinoplasty, facelift, cheek implants, laser skin resurfacing, thermage etc.

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Learn about body procedures

Body reshaping surgery involve body reforming process to give the patient’s body a good shape and expel undesirable skin and fat from the body or increase volume by implanting fats or graft fats to give a fuller volume.

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Meet Dr.Ali

When you have decided to opt for us for your cosmetic and restorative surgery requirements, you can be sure that our experts are board-licensed, are experts in this particular field, and cooperate in a multidisciplinary joint effort that offers you the absolute best result

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Gel or Saline breast implants

Augmentation mammoplasty or bust augmentation is the surgical method administered to enlarge the bust and cup size as well as enhance their symmetry by utilizing implants. It is likewise intended to give back bust volume lost after weight loss or pregnancy.

Traditional liposuction or laser liposuction

Lipoplasty, also called as liposuction or Smart lipo, is an advanced cosmetic surgery in which abundance fat cells are removed from under the epidermis by suction process. This method has turned out to be extremely popular and it is thought to be the most obvious surgery asked for from plastic surgeons today.

Understand the risks associated with cosmetic surgery

In any type of surgery, be it complex or minor risks are always there. As a matter of fact the rate of complications in restorative or cosmetic surgery is low. This is because cosmetic treatments are carried out on superficial tissues are directed in healthy candidates. The risks linked with surgery are much lesser if you seek out a certified and licensed surgery specialist. Plus, If you go to a cosmetic surgery health center, they have all essential and necessary tools to perform the operation in a safe manner.

Tummy tuck, otherwise called as abdominoplasty is sought out by many people and this corrective surgery brings about a smooth tight stomach area by expelling unwantedfat and skin from the stomach zone. As of now, abdominoplasty has turned into an extremely famous corrective surgery alternative for the urban men along with ladies.

Choosing the Right Surgeon is Vital to Achieving Your Desired Outcome

Dr. Ali is a compassionate and highly experienced plastic surgeon specializing in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Ali’s experience includes:

  • Over 2500 breast augmentation procedures
  • Over 6000 surgical procedures
  • Board certification
  • Over 11 years of training beyond medical school
  • A Fellowship in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery
  • Plastic surgery residency

Remember, not everyone who calls themselves a plastic surgeon is qualified in plastic surgery, or even surgery for that matter. Don’t trust your image to just anyone, make sure they’re the best.

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